YEA Podcasts are very popular in Texas, as 26% of our traffic comes from the state. And the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the highest metro area, with hundreds of thousands of episodes delivered each month.


Are you looking to advertise on podcasts and don’t know where to start?

Did you know that you can geo-target listeners in a certain metro area on podcasts?

And that this advertising is some of the most effective there is?


Based upon a study conducted by Edison Research, there are 109M monthly listeners equating to 38% of the US population.

Podcast ads are the most recalled ad type – with 86% of respondents saying they remember hearing an ad.  Social Media has 80% and websites are at 79%.

Podcast listeners also scored high in terms of engagement with ads, with 56% of listeners saying they would recommend a product or service to others after hearing about it on a podcast they regularly listen to!

Pricing is great too! Start your podcast advertising with as little as $500.

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